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Behind every wedding are countless hours spent agonising over the details – and that includes the shoes. Should you go for a traditional white shade or something more adventurous? Should you add a touch of sparkle with embellishments or keep your footwear sleek and understated? Crucially, should you prioritise the look over your comfort?

Here’s what you need to know about the comfortable wedding shoes Australia’s brides trust to deliver both aesthetics and all-day comfort. Spoiler: You have more options than flats!

There’s more to comfort than flats

Just because you want to be comfortable on your special day, it doesn’t mean you have to wear flats. You can add height to your silhouette and still be the last person standing on the dance floor. Here are our top picks for comfortable wedding shoes that aren’t flats:

  • Kitten heels, which feature a slim, short heel
  • Block heels, which feature a chunky, robust heel
  • Platforms, which keep your feet in a neutral position
  • Wedges, which are generally more supportive than heels

What to look for in comfortable wedding shoes in Australia 

Comfort is about more than heel height. Here are three key features to look for when buying comfortable wedding shoes:

  • Straps. You want your feet to feel secure in your shoes. Broader straps around the heel and ankle can help.
  • Arch support. Look for a sole with ample arch support, which should make a full day of wear more bearable.
  • Sizing. It doesn’t matter how well-made and supportive a shoe is – the wrong size can wreak havoc.

We know shopping for comfortable bridal shoes online can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a streamlined checkout, delivery, and returns process. Shop with Famous Footwear, and rest easy knowing your feet will be taken care of on your big day.

Frequently asked questions about comfortable wedding shoes

What are the most comfortable wedding shoes?

In most cases, the most comfortable wedding shoes are stiletto alternatives. If comfort is a chief concern, look for wedding shoes with a lower heel – such as kitten heels and block heels – platforms, or flats. You can even wear a pair of embellished sneakers.

What are the best options for comfortable outdoor wedding shoes?

You don’t want your heels to sink into soft grass or, worse yet, sand. The best comfortable wedding shoes for outdoor wear are flats – think lacy ballet flats, delicate sandals, and bridal sneakers. Opt for block heels, wedges, or platforms if you want to add height, as these styles offer more support.

Are there comfortable wedding shoes for wide feet?

Every bride deserves to feel comfortable and confident on her wedding day. If your feet are on the wider side, look for shoes that offer width sizes and be sure to purchase the correct size. Shoes that are half or one size too small can be agony for those with wide feet.

We display our shoes in Australian (AUS) women’s shoe sizes which is the same sizing as American (US).

5 36 3 22.3 8.75
6 37 4 23.2 9.125
7 38 5 23.8 9.375
8 39 6 24.4 9.625
9 40 7 25 9.875
10 41 8 25.6 10.125
11 42 9 27.3 10.75


How to Measure Your Size

1. You will need a ruler, pen, and a piece of A4 paper.

 Place the piece of paper flat on the ground and stand on it. Make sure your foot is flat and your foot is in the middle of the piece of paper.

 Draw a mark behind your heel and another in front of your longest toe. If one of your feet is larger than the other, use the longer foot to calculate your size.

4. Measure the distance between the the two lines.

Womens Shoes | Size Guide Australia

5. Find your measurement on the ladies’ size chart above to determine your correct size. If your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend taking into consideration whether you're purchasing a closed in shoe such as a boot or ballet flat and whether you'll be wearing socks or stockings.

Also remember your left and right foot will vary in length and width, so choose the size you think will be most comfortable for you.

Each shoe style is fit tested in Australia and we do everything we can to make a fit as close as possible to the correct AU standard sizing measurements.

Use these sizes and measurements as a guide only. You know your feet best!

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