Size Conversion

Aust | US EURO UK Foot Length (cm) Foot Length (In)
5 36 3 22.3 8.75
6 37 4 23.2 9.125
7 38 5 23.8 9.375
8 39 6 24.4 9.625
9 40 7 25 9.875
10 41 8 25.6 10.125
11 42 9 27.3 10.75
We display Australian women's shoe sizes. US sizing is the same.

How to Measure Your Shoe Size

To find out your shoe size, follow the instructions below to measure your foot. Then use the charts above to find the appropriate size conversion.

Famous Footwear Australia displays all sizes in AU (Australian) sizing.

1. You will need a ruler, pen, and a piece of A4 paper.

2. Place the piece of paper flat on the ground and stand on it. Make sure your foot is flat and your foot is in the middle of the piece of paper. Measure one foot at a time.

3. Draw a mark behind your heel and another in front of your longest toe. If one of your feet is larger than the other, use the longer foot to calculate your size.

4. Measure the distance between the the two lines.

5. Find your measurement on the ladies' size chart above to determine your correct size. If your measurement falls between two sizes it is at your discretion whether to choose to round up or down in size. * Please note sizes and measurements are a guide only.

Famous Footwear suggests rounding up for closed in shoe styles such as boots and ballets. We take no responsibility for your wrong size selection.

Foot sizes vary a lot in length and width as well as between left and right feet and are very rarely identical sizes.

Take this into account when selecting your size.

Please also take into account whether you will wear socks or stockings.

Each shoe style is fit tested in Australia. We do everything we can to make a fit as close as possible to the correct AU standard sizing measurements.