Winter is coming. That means it's time to retire those sandals and bring out your fashionable winter boots!

Pairing your boots with the right outfit can make you the ultimate winter icon this season. Learn how to style your favourite boots right here.


What to Wear with Fashionable Winter Boots 

Ankle Boots

A timeless boot that pairs well with anything. For something casual and modern, pair your ankle boots with a simple shirt and rolled-up boyfriend jeans. Distressed or ripped-hem trousers work too, for a bit of an edge. For something chic, go for midi-length hemlines. For a look that's cute and peppy, try textured tights and miniskirts.



Combat Boots

An icon of the grunge era, nothing beats the unique edge that combat boots add to an outfit. These boots will even turn a simple tee-and-jeans into a stylish outfit! Channel your 90's aesthetic by throwing on a black slip dress with Pied A Terre's Feelinit Flat Combat Boots. Do you think a floral dress will work? Yes to that! Cute floral prints mixed with the punk vibe of combat boots are a proven combination you must try.



Pointed-toe Boots

We're used to boots being the type of shoe to ground outfits and balance out feminine pieces. But that's usually for round-toed styles; because pointed-toe boots exude sleek, confident vibes and can carry an outfit on their own! This boot style becomes even dressier with a stiletto heel, so even a simple blouse-and-jeans ensemble is perfect. Pointed-toe boots are also ideal as workplace footwear; you can spice up your working girl look with this outfit formula: a shouldered blazer, a printed pencil skirt, a sleek black turtleneck top, and of course, a pair of black pointed-toe boots.



Tall Boots

Knee-highs, thigh-highs, over-the-knee styles— no autumn and winter wardrobe is complete without them. They can either dress you up or ground your look. While jeans are their quintessential pair, tall boots are also perfect for shorter dresses, miniskirts and shorts in the chilly weather. Throw on any of these short-length hemlines plus a trench coat for a classy and chic image. For something edgier, try a pair of black jeans, a leather jacket, and tall boots, like Maci black microsuede from Pied A Terre.


White Boots

Versatile, elegant and refreshing, a pair of white boots completely transforms your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Take your usual winter outfit, grab a trench or teddy bear coat and white boots, and see for yourself how high-fashion you look. Have a suit but don't want to look too formal or corporate? Pop on some white boots for a bit of playfulness. An all-white outfit for winter isn't such a bad idea either; in fact, if you're looking to elevate your look to something classy and high-fashion, then this is the outfit formula you'll want to try.


Upping Your Winter Fashion

Stay stylish even when the temperatures start dropping! Famous Footwear's fashionable winter boots not only keep you warm and comfy, but they also step up your winter fashion game. Check out our extensive selection of the best winter shoes for this year and our biggest shoe sale!