Nailing Cold Weather Chic

The winter months are fast approaching. If you want to rock some stylish office fashion trends, now is the time to get some cold-weather work outfits ready. If you're fashion savvy, then you know that choosing winter outfits for practicality is just a small part of choosing what to wear everyday.

It's time to up your style game by pairing your winter work outfits with boots, the ultimate cold weather shoes! Check out these tips to follow, so you can look winter cool while staying warm at work.


Make the Colours Pop with Scarves

For a lot of us, when we think of winter, we imagine dark and grey-toned colours. While these colours can definitely be stylish, why not take it up a notch and channel brighter days by adding pops of colour using accessories.

Think of wearing a black coat to match your black pair of boots, but wrap a printed scarf around your neck to offset the monotone outfit. Accessories such as scarves are a great way to add zest to your wardrobe without looking too informal, either in single block colours or with different prints and patterns.

Pleated scarves, with their lovely texture, are also a nice touch, and are expected to trend in 2021. Crochet fringe scarves are a good alternative pick. They’re always in style if you want to pair them with your textured boots to add a touch of boho glam to your every-day work wear.


Wear a Knit Instead

Unlike other countries, winter in Australia can be pretty mild. Enter, the medium-weight knit! Knitted jumpers, cardigans or ponchos are the perfect in-between. Too warm to wrap up in a coat? A not-too-heavy knit is the perfect way to cover up while keeping the chills at bay.

But what type of cosy coverup should you pick? For winter, a wool knit is always a shoe-in as it is guaranteed to keep your body warm. Pair a printed knit with boots in a contrasting colour and stay warm while looking stylish on your way to the office. Or try a soft, muted knit with embellishments and pair some bold accessories with your boots for an ultra-chic vibe.


Tuck Your Pants In Your Boots

Want your boots to stand out? Bring them front and centre by tucking your pants into the top! Aside from showing off your shoes, this is also a practical way to keep your hems clean and dry on the way to work.

To rock this style, a tonal look is best, and stay away from complicated patterns in order to achieve the illusion of longer legs.


Choosing the Right Winter Work Outfits With Boots

Cooler days are coming and now is the best time for you to plan your winter look, and our women’s winter boots selection is all you’ll really need! We have knee-high, low-calf, high-heeled, and low-heeled boots. We also have combat women’s boots if you want a more edgy look.

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