Comfort doesn’t mean carelessness. You can still look put-together and polished in flats. So if you’re ready to embrace casual chic, here’s how to wear flat shoes with a dress.


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Create a Focal Point

Every great outfit starts with a focal point – that one clothing piece or accessory that steals the spotlight. Pairing several clashing colours, textures, and patterns is a big faux pas, so keep it simple.

When it comes to pairing flats with a dress, decide whether the shoes, the dress, or another item – a jacket, statement necklace, or handbag – will play the leading role. For example, if your dress is long, flowy, and adorned with bold florals, make it the outfit's focus. If your shoes are hot pink patent leather, let them shine.

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Build Your Outfit

You have your focal point, and now it’s time to build out your outfit. Look for complementary colours. If your dress is warm-toned, opt for brown, tan, or nude flats.

You can also create contrast by adding accent colours. If your dress features on-trend pastel tones, white flats are a fantastic choice.

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Choose Your Silhouette

Flats come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no right or wrong silhouette to pair with a dress. Consider the occasion. Are you walking off the beaten track to find that perfect picnic spot? Are you heading to a swanky bar for after-work cocktails? Are you spending the day in the city, and the forecast promises rain?

If walking is on the cards, a flat sneaker or boot might be your best choice. However, if the occasion is a little smarter – say a dinner date or weekend brunch – ballet flats, Mary-Janes, and mules are your go-tos.

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Now you know how to wear flat shoes with a dress

Have fun, express yourself, and build an outfit that makes you comfortable. You know how to style flats with dresses; it’s time to go shopping! Find your perfect flat shoes today.