Few things in life bring more joy than a brand new pair of shoes – that is until you wear them. Breaking in new shoes is no joke, but it doesn’t have to end in blisters, tears, and bare feet.

Here’s how to break new shoes in.

Ballet Flats

Smart yet casual. Chic yet practical. Ballet flats are a tried-and-true must-have that no wardrobe is complete without. So, how can you break in your new ballet flats? Try this: Start by wearing your flats around the house for one hour, twice a day if you can manage. If you experience pain, you can loosen your flats in one of two ways:

  • If they are made of faux leather, apply some shoe conditioner to soften it a bit and wear them around your home.
  • If they are not made of faux leather, pop on your thickest socks and wear your ballet flats around your house. You might look crazy, but your feet will thank you.   


    Revami woven ballet flat



    Boots are known for being comfortable, but ultimate comfort demands a little work. To break in your new stylish boots, wear your thickest socks the first few times you go out. Thick socks protect your feet from developing blisters while encouraging your boots to form to the shape of your foot.

    If you still get blisters, allow them to heal before you try your boots again.


    Esta Low Heeled Ankle Boots in White


    Before you head out on a long walk, take time to break in your brand new sneakers. First, loosen up your sneakers by gently bending the toe toward the heel. Then, give the thick sock trick a try, either around your home or out and about. If that doesn’t work, grab yourself a shoe stretcher and use it overnight.


    Tinding White Sneakers


    Now you know how to break new shoes in

    Now that you know what to do with your new shoes, it’s time to start shopping. Check out our extensive collection of shoes and take advantage of free shipping across Australia on all orders over $69!