With the season for drinking hot chocolate and turning your heater on coming, it's time to think about all the outfits that can keep you warm and looking fabulous— like the beloved, perennial combination of boots and dresses.

The beautiful thing about the dress-and-boots ensemble is that it's versatile enough to cater to every personal style and pair with a multitude of outfits. It's a simple combination that offers limitless looks that you can experiment with, be cosy and casual, sophisticated and bold, or floral and feminine.

If you're looking to transition your shoe wardrobe to match your favourite winter clothes, we've got you covered. Swoon over our list of best winter boots to wear with dresses!


Five Boots to Wear with Dresses this Winter


Ankle Boots

Starting our list with an all-time shoe favourite: ankle boots. You can never go wrong with this classic style that pairs amazingly with any dress length and leg shape. If you feel like the chilly weather might freeze your legs, throw on a pair of tights to go with your dress.

 Women's Suede Look Boots - Carmen in Black Lami

Lace-up and Combat Boots

What better way to add a cool edge to your outfit than a pair of lace-up or combat boots? With these thick, grungy shoes, you can strut in style while keeping your feet comfy and warm. A floral dress and denim jacket matched with chunky combat boots is a refreshing, eye-catching style you'll want to try.

 Women's Lace Up Boots - Rookie in Black

Slouch Boots

Lose the structured look and give way to slouch boots. These shoes aren't limited to supermodels on runways; gorgeous ladies like you can rock this style too! They're what you want to pair with printed dresses and midi-length skirts, especially suede-look boots. If you're conscious about your calf size, then this boot is what you need.


Women's Ankle Boots - Drover in Black Soft Pu

High-heeled Boots

The solution to adding height without compromising safety and comfort in the winter is high-heeled boots. They look fantastic paired with corporate dresses and blazers. Sophistication and class are what these shoes can bring out in you.


Women's High-heeled Boots - Carmen in Black Lami

Knee-highs and Tall Boots

Knee-high and tall boots are the perfect match for short wintry dresses and skirts. As it is considered a winter fashion staple (and maybe even the most popular one), this boot style not only keeps your legs warm but also makes you appear taller. Try sporting a sweater dress with knee-high boots for the ultimate cosy yet chic look this season.


Women's Knee High Boots - Affair in Tan Pu

Why Boots for Winter?

Boots don't just have this amazing versatility and irresistible charm that makes them the number one shoe choice for the colder season; they're also loved for their reputation as a practical, comfortable shoe.

Invest in a pair or two that can keep you comfy and stylish in winter, whether you live in a place with frigid temperatures or somewhere that still enjoys a bit of Australia's warmth.

If you're looking to buy the perfect shoe for you this season, check out our wide selection of boot styles today. You can also get free shipping on any orders over $69!