Splurging on a day at the races is a spring tradition for many. While the horse races themselves are meant to be the spectacle, we all know that the true highlight of the season is, of course, the fashion.

For most people, heading to the races is one of the only days in the year where you can truly go to town and dress to the nines. With this in mind, it's no surprise that we love indulging in a new outfit, accessories and, of course, pair of shoes.

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Choosing the right pair of shoes for the races is more important than you think. Your choice of footwear could make or break your day, especially when you consider that you'll be on your feet for 99% of the time.


The Art of Blending Comfort and Style

Your outfit at the races is a statement, reflecting your personality, style and the theme of the day. If you're spending the time, effort and money on a killer outfit, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with a strained smile because you're hobbling around after a few hours in uncomfortable shoes.

With this in mind, it is crucial that you take comfort into account as you start planning your entry into fashion on the field. If you're stuck pondering the best pumps to match your frock for the races, be sure to remember the three Golden Rules:


  1. Avoid that sinking feeling: stilettos and grass don't mix. Unless you've successfully and confidently worn a pair of stiletto heels to the races before, consider swapping them for less daunting footwear.                                                                                                                                                   .

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  2. Stick to your comfort zone: now is not the time to wear your first pair of 9-inch heels. You will be on your feet all day, so wear shoes you can handle and feel comfortable in.                                                                                                                                                                                              .
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  3. Sneaky flats are always a good idea: don't walk around barefoot at the end of the day. Instead, pack a cute pair of flats that you can easily slip on if or when the heels become too much.
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While we can't make any promises about the results of the horse race, we can assure you that following these three rules is a pretty safe bet for a very good day.


Four Top Shoes for the Races this Season

When it comes to an iconic race day outfit, your shoes are just as important as the dress. Your shoes can be the statement piece of your outfit, adding colour to a neutral dress or perfectly complimenting your shape by elongating the legs. More than that, they should provide you with steady support as you soak up the sun, pose for snaps and indulge in some bubbles and canapes.

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Win the fashion race that counts and consider the following trends when picking your formal shoes for the races.


Block Heels and Wedges


If we were to place a bet on the most practical pair of shoes for the races, it would undoubtedly be a comfortable, stylish and sturdy pair of block heels. Not only are they perfect for the races, as the larger heel stops you from sinking into the grass, but their timeless style means they can be worn over and over again.


This style is the perfect way to wear high heels and still keep your feet happy. The best part? A block heel comes in almost any style and colour.


The current shoe trends opt for more natural tones, like black, beige, white, nude and brown. Considering block heels lend themselves to almost any style, you can easily allow the heels to subtly complement a bright dress or pair them with a tailored pantsuit and seriously turn some heads.

Women's Block Heels

Mule Heels


This iconic 90's trend is back baby, and what better time to show off your new pair of mule heels than at the races. For those playing at home, a mule heel is essentially a heel with no back or constraint around the foot - making it perfect for avoiding those pesky blisters on your ankles!


Mule heels come in a range of heights and will help elevate your race-day outfit without sinking you into grassy oblivion. When styling, pair a bright, floral mini or midi dress with a pair of white, nude or black high heeled mules.

Women's Mule Heels

Leg Ties


If your outfit needs a little extra something to make it pop, look no further than a striking pair of tie-up heels. The tie-ups are not only on-trend and an accessory in themselves, but they will provide plenty of leg and ankle support, allowing you to sip your way through the races without worrying about slipping and rolling an ankle.


Depending on the event's dress code, wear a fitted white dress with a nude pair of tie-up heels, or create an effortlessly stylish combo with tailored shorts, a blazer, and a black pair of lace-up heels.

 Women's Tie Up Heels

Perspex and Metallics

Recent trends that are guaranteed to do well at the races are metallic hues and barely-there perspex clear heels. Whether it's a feminine pair of silver heels or a showstopping transparent heel, these styles will add the extra element of effortless style to your race day fashion.  

Be bold and wear these styles with a bright lip and one-shouldered cocktail dress. Alternatively, embrace some more colour with a bright floral dress that stops just above the knees and embody everything the spring racing carnival is famous for.


Final Race Day Tips for your Toes


  1. Don't forget your toes! They will likely be on display, so get a cute pedicure to match your outfit.
  2. Bring some band-aids to assist with any unforeseen blister emergencies. You never know when a fellow fashion comrade may be in need.
  3. Study the dress code, which can vary based on the racecourse, specific day and the marquee where you have purchased tickets.
  4. Comfort accessories like gel pads can help ease the pressure on your tootsies and get them through the day relatively unscathed.
  5. Have some fun! It's not often you get to dress up for a festive day with your friends, so pick an outfit and pair of heels that show off your style and personality.


Get Race Day Ready

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a day at the races and strut your stuff in a pair of shoes bound to make an impact.


The latest racing season brings plenty of new fashion trends, as well as some styles that continue to stand the test of time - all of which can be found at Famous Footwear. Head to your closest store or shop online and find your perfect race day fit today.

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