Too passé, too conservative, too rigid — reasons why contemporary fashion says no to coordinating outfits and accessories. But fashion is all about breaking norms, and more importantly, it's all about you!

Matching shoes and handbags may be an old trend, but it's a style that oozes sophistication and class. Proof of this is Kate Middleton's gorgeous matchy-matchy aesthetic! The excellent colour harmony of her shoes and accessories exude regal vibes that you can't help but bow down to.


7 Must Do's in Matching Shoes and Handbags

The art of coordination can be a tricky one, but not impossible to master! Here are the must do's for styling matching shoes and bags to transform yourself into an absolute stunner.


Coordinate primary colours and patterns.

Matching the same colours for shoes and accessories creates a polished look. For patterns, the secret is to coordinate the base shades or the most distinct colour, e.g. if the primary colour of a patterned handbag is pink, then a pair of plain pink shoes is in order.


Ensure the materials match.

Another neat trick to flawless coordination is for the material and texture of your shoes and bag to match as well. Suede boots? Suede handbag. But don't match the same material to your outfit!


Combine a bold piece with a subtle one.

Sometimes, colour and material coordination will look chaotic and cluttered, especially if the shoe and bag are both bold statement pieces. You can remedy this by pairing a colourful purse with neutral-coloured shoes, and vice versa! Balance is crucial to avoid looking like an uncoordinated mess.

Additionally, a loud and elaborate outfit with a lot of colours can be grounded with neutral-coloured matching shoes and bags. Ensembles built on muted shades, meanwhile, can look fresh and brighter with bold coloured coordinated shoes and bags.


Keep your hardware coordinated.

When your garments, shoes, accessories, and handbag have the same finish, it makes your look more pulled together. For example, if you're wearing silver jewellery, the rest of your outfit's hardware should also be silver, such as your belt buckle, clutch lock, or purse zipper.


Wear a matching outfit for formal events.

Coordinated outfits have a certain flair to them— regal, polished, sophisticated. So it's no wonder that the best time to bring out this style is during formal parties or events, or any occasion that calls for elegance. Match your shoes and accessories to the main colour of your outfit for a polished look.


Try a one-colour palette for the entire outfit.

A one-colour palette for your entire outfit can ensure your shoes and handbag look coordinated, but to pull off this stunning aesthetic, use different shades! Pick a light shade for your shoes and accessories to stand out from the rest of your outfit, or vice versa.


Mind the occasion.

Shoes have their personalities; you can tell which pair is suited for formal events, sports, casual wear, office, etc. So when you pick out shoes for an occasion, make sure to match them with a bag of the same style. For formal parties like weddings, you'll want to have a gorgeous pair of high heels to pair with your dress and purse.

The first step to coordinating your shoes and bags is to keep staple colours and items in your wardrobe. Need some options? You can check out our newest collection of shoes to get started!