There’s something about a pair of heels that makes you feel more elegant, sophisticated, confident and ready to slay. They can elevate your look, for a heightened sense of femininity and poise. If only they didn’t hurt the balls of your feet, give you blisters and cause general discomfort while wearing them!
Heels can be hard to wear, but these handy tips will actually help you make them more comfortable and keep you up on your feet for hours.


Tips on How to Make Heels More Comfortable

  1. Choose the right heels for you
    Our feet are shaped differently - some are narrow, others wide; some have a normal arch, others flat. Choose a heel that provides good arch support and perfectly aligns with your feet. Those designed with a gradual incline such as wedges or high heels with platforms are generally more comfortable than stiletto heels. Block and mid-heels provide better support in the heel area.
  1. Pick the right shoe size Shoe sizes tend to change over time due to weight gain or loss, ageing and even pregnancy. If you’re buying in store, re-measure your feet and choose a pair that fits them to a T. Finding the perfect fit when buying online can be a little bit tricky, so make sure you select a retailer that has a hassle-free returns or exchange policy.
  2. Break in new shoes slowly Take time to break in your new pair of heels days or even weeks before you plan to wear them. Wear them around the house for shorter periods of time with thick socks on, giving them a good stretch.
  3. Use gel or foam inserts When wearing heels, the ball of the foot tends to carry most of your weight causing pain and discomfort. Using gel inserts helps shift the pressure to your heels, reducing pain on the balls of your feet. Foam inserts work best for cushioning, arch support and pressure relief.
  4. Use blister blocker creams or cushions Blister blockers and cushions help prevent nasty and painful blisters. They reduce heel friction, strap chafing and toe rubbing especially in pointy heels. Protecting your feet will keep you feeling great and comfortable in any pair of heels!
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