Styling maxi dresses and skirts can be a bit tricky, but the options are absolutely stunning!

Once you learn how to pair them with different kinds of shoes, you'll fall in love with the combinations. Here are the shoes for long dresses that can bring out the best in your look.

Flowy maxi dresses, fancy gowns, elegant tea-length skirts— long dresses are a fashion staple that best emphasizes a woman's feminine charm and silhouette.

Whether for sunny days or cozy winter nights, formal events or casual every-days, there are different styles of long dresses to suit the occasion. To bring out your most gorgeous version of that outfit, you will need to complement your dress with the right pair of shoes.


The classic partner to evening gowns and long dresses, high heels and stilettos are the ultimate head-turners as they truly accentuate a woman's figure by making you look taller and slimmer. As a dressier type of footwear, these are best worn for formal and ceremonial events, like weddings.

Can't stand high heels? Try pumps or kitten heels. Low heeled-shoes offer subtle elevation yet the same stylish elegance as high heels. 


For a more casual style with satin and maxi dresses, wedges are your best friend. They strike the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication— they're the comfier alternative to high heels and the more upscale choice to flats.

Espadrille wedges are perfect for all-day wear in the warmer season, while open-toed pairs are a hit in autumn fashion.

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The right choice of footwear has a way of making a woman look more feminine and sophisticated, and this applies especially to ballet flats. Ballet flats have a lithe and graceful flair to complement flowing maxi dresses and skirts all while keeping your feet comfortable.

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The most stylish way to flatter a long dress in the colder season is by matching them with ankle boots. Practical and sleek, these shoes are a wardrobe must-have that can add a touch of laid-back cool to the charming sophistication of maxi dresses and long skirts.

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Perfect for all-day casual comfort and function in the summer, strappy flats like gladiator sandals help ground your style while highlighting your long dress' flowing elegance. Try matching these shoes with loose-fitted dresses for that breezy, bohemian look!

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Picking up a fabulous pair of shoes to match your dress can help you feel even more confident. And don't think no one's going to take a peep at your shoes even with your dress covering your legs: there's always someone checking out your full outfit!

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