Whatever festival you're attending, you're going to need shoes that can get you through the event while still keeping you stylish. We're talking about getting you through crowds, muddy puddles and the rain!

Think Splendour in the Grass— what are people pairing with their boho pieces, paisley prints and eye-catching ensembles? Gorgeous boots! Boots have always been the essential go-to footwear for music festival-goers, and for plenty of good reasons.

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Why Boots are the Sartorial Favourite for Festivals

Not only can shoes make or break an outfit, but they can make or break your festival experience too. Whether you're attending Australia's annual music extravaganza or your city's eclectic arts festival, boots are your best bet to remain comfortable and fashionable throughout the day.

Boots protect your feet.

Boho fashion is prominent in music festivals like Splendour in the Grass and Coachella. And while sandals are the perfect footwear to bring out your inner bohemian, they expose you to dirt and mud, and not to mention, the likelihood of stepped-on toes. With boots, you don't have to worry about dusty, muddy, wet or injured feet.

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Boots give you extra height.

Shorter festival-goers may feel inclined to go for heels or wedges to help them see the stage while in the crowd. While heels are not a practical choice for an outdoor festival, sturdy heeled boots and platform pairs are!

Boots are versatile.

Rave babes and fashion enthusiasts can agree on one thing about festival boots: they give your outfit a rocking edge. Whether you're sporting a vintage tee and shorts, dancing in a cute boho dress, or going all-out with lace and glitter, boots can take your look to the next level.

Festival Boots: The Closet Must-Haves

So we've narrowed down that boots are the superior festival shoe choice. Next: what kind of boots are the best? You'll want something that can give you all-day comfort, something that can survive non-stop dancing, jumping, and walking, and something of a bold statement. Here's what we recommend.

Lace-up boots

Lace-up Boots

Lace-up boots like Headstrong by London Rebel are perfect for all those wild, outdoor festival activities. Durability aside, they also have a rustic charm that brings your outfit to the next level. You can expect festival attendees to be strutting in gorgeous lace-up boots.

Combat Shoes

Combat Boots

With their incredible durability and rugged look, combat boots are a fashion favourite in general, not just at rowdy music festivals. These powerhouse shoes are made for walking, tearing up the dance floor, and catching everyone's attention!

Western Inspired Boots

Western-inspired Boots

Cowboy and western ankle boots are a popular festival fashion choice, and it's hard not to see why. They're a match made in heaven with boho ensembles, grounding the whimsical vibes of flowy dresses and skirts.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

It doesn't matter whether you're headed out for an indoor or outdoor festival in whatever season, Chelsea boots can effortlessly suit any outfit. It's a timeless shoe that can keep you feeling comfy and stylish all day and night.

Complete Your Festival Fashion

The right shoe makes all the difference! You can enjoy the entirety of your upcoming event with our extensive collection of stylish festival boots.