How to Wear Sneakers with Dresses - Five Fun and Fab Ideas

Sneakers with dresses… really? Oh definitely! It may sound like the most unlikely fashion combination, but it’s on trend this summer with many showing off their feminine yet sporty side on Pinterest and Instagram.

Traditionally designed for sports and exercise, sneakers have sneaked into mainstream women’s fashion for a more fun, fabulous, casual and yes - even elegant - look with the wow factor! They’re not only cool they are also the most comfortable of footwear that’ll take you anywhere, anytime, night or day.

Sneakers come in different colours, styles and materials that you can easily mix and match with any outfit. But combining them with dresses can be quite tricky, so here we give you some fun and fab ideas to achieve whatever vibe you’re after.

How to Wear Sneakers with Dresses:

1 - Lace-up flat sneakers with a mini or midi dress

Proudly put those beautifully tanned legs on display this summer in a cute A-line mini or a midi dress with a pair of lace-up flat sneakers. They add extra vitality to that youthful look with a checked or plaid sundress or a soft printed mini dress. For a more sensual air of sophistication, team up Arlo from Naughty Monkey with a satin slip midi dress in dark or bright colours.


2 - Classic white pair with a colourful summer dress

The classic white sneakers are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe because they go well with just about anything and everything! Pair them with a colourful print summer dress, an asymmetrical maxi dress or a knee-length belted denim frock for a laidback, breezy summer feel.

3 - Little black dress with bright-coloured sneakers

Add an element of fun and a pop of colour to your versatile little black dress with a pair of bright-coloured runners. They perfectly accentuate your LBD for a soft, sweet and whimsical look. But if you want your dress to do all the talking, Naughty Monkey’s pair of Skip baby pink canvas makes for an understated combination.

4 - Boho print dress with slip-on canvas kicks

Relish the summer holidays and indulge in whirlwind weekend wanderlust in a relaxed Bohemian print dress with slip-on canvas kicks. Whether you’re after the rocker glam or the classic lady in the prairie style, the nomadic gypsy or the peasant look, any black and white slip-on trainers will compliment your preferred Boho attire!

5 - Bodycon dress with navy or chunky runners

Strut that figure-flattering bodycon dress with equally flattering chunky runners like this pair of taupe nubuck Tashei from London Rebel Comfort. For the more athletic look, pair your black-and-white or blue-and-white striped tube dresses with plain black or navy canvas sneakers. You’ll never go wrong with any of these classy, confident looks.

If you’re still asking yourself “how to wear sneakers with dresses”, the options are endless, and Famous Footwear’s sneakers collection offers a range of choices to match that fun and fab look you’re after. Shop now and enjoy free shipping Australia-wide on orders above $69.

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