How To Store Shoes

How to Store Shoes: Simple Ideas, Steps, and Ways to Organise

 Whether you have a huge or humble collection, storing shoes properly can be frustrating sometimes. At the end of the day, we want nothing but to get off our feet and relax. If you find yourself dumping your shoes anywhere upon getting home, you’re making those pairs susceptible to damage.

Storing your shoes the right way will protect them from damage such as creasing, scratches, discolouration, and more!

Take care of your shoes with these simple steps:

1. Choose a dedicated space for all of your shoes

You’ll need to have a dedicated space that’s just for storing your shoes. You don’t need to have a walk-in wardrobe, but choosing one space or corner will allow you to stay organised so you know where to put or find your pairs.

2. Keep them neat if they have to be on floor

Leaving shoes on the floor is common for many, but by doing so, you’re risking scratches or scuffs if they’re kicked or stood on. If keeping them off the floor is not an option, line them up properly instead of throwing them in a pile.

3. Use a shelf or rack 

After choosing a space, we recommend you use a shelf or rack to get them up off the floor and safely stored away. You can have one installed or get a simple multi-purpose shelf, and using storage containers or individual shoe boxes is also a good way to protect them while being stored.

4. Organise and sort per type or usage

Organise your shoes into different categories depending on type and use. You can place the pairs you use the most in the more accessible sections of your rack and the ones you wear less frequently at the bottom. You can also organise your collection based on the pairs you wear for each season.

5. Keep them out of the sun and harsh temperatures

Sunlight and extreme temperatures can affect the durability and colour of your shoes. Aside from keeping them inside the house, make sure that they’re away from direct sunlight. Humidity can also affect the condition of certain types of shoes. Use covered shelves or boxes with lids to protect your shoes from the sun and harsh temperatures.

6. Clean and dry your shoes

Before storing, make sure that they are dry and free from any dirt that may degrade certain shoe materials over time. Some materials such as leather may require special care so use the right cleaning agents for each pair you have.

7. Use silica packets

Keep your insoles dry by taking those silica packets that usually come along with your shoe bags. These can be put inside your shoes to absorb moisture which can stop mould and bacteria forming.

Knowing How to Store Shoes Properly

Storing shoes doesn’t have to be a tedious or tiring job. By knowing how to store shoes properly, you can get the most out of what you paid for and build a huge collection of fashionable shoes while keeping older pairs looking as good as new at the same time.

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