Dresses to Wear with Boots and Leggings - 3 Ways to Style

Winter calls for our warm and cosy wardrobe! But that doesn't mean we have to stick with a basic ensemble of pants and layers of tops to keep ourselves toasty amid dropping temperatures. Why not step up your seasonal fashion game with a fabulous dress and a pair of leggings?

There are many different types of dresses with various prints and patterns to flatter all body types and tastes. And if you feel like a dress leaves your legs too exposed to the winter breeze, leggings are there to keep them warm! Match these two items with the perfect winter boots, and you're all set to take the season by storm.

How to Wear Leggings the Right Way

Leggings are such a versatile piece in any wardrobe, yet they can be difficult to style properly. There's a real challenge in making leggings not only flattering and fashionable, but also comfy, cosy and warm.

The key to wearing leggings the right way is to make sure they fit you properly, and that you find the right top, shoes, and accessories to go with them. Fortunately, winter fashion gathers the best items to match with them, mainly boots, long tops, tunics, mini skirts, and short to mid-length dresses.

With that said, let's check out these gorgeous fashion inspirations for dresses to wear with boots and leggings this winter.

How to Style Dresses to Wear with Boots and Leggings

knee high boots

Knit Dress + Black Leggings + Knee-high Boots

Autumn and winter won't feel the same without this classic seasonal look; knit dresses, dark-coloured leggings, and knee-high boots are a fashion staple when it's getting cold. Want to make your shoes the statement piece? Check out Pied A Terre's Affair, a stunning black knee-high boot.

ankle boots

Printed Shirt Dress + Dark Leggings + Ankle Boots

Make a statement with a brightly printed shirt dress and belt it at the waist to give you a more structured silhouette. Dark leggings provide that warm coverage for your legs, and provide a stylish contrast with the print of the dress. A pair of ankle boots, like London Rebel's Neednow, adds that much-needed edge to balance your top.

flat boots

Oversized Sweater/Sweater Dresses + Plain Leggings + Tall, Flat Boots

The cute and casual combination of sweater dresses, leggings, and flat boots can keep you warm and cosy, and is perfect for expectant mothers. Complete your look with a beanie or cap, and get ready to turn heads! Shop for the perfect flat boots for winter here.

Shop for Fashionable Boots with Ease this Winter

Whether you're wearing tall boots or short booties, it's a smart idea to have them match the same colour as your leggings to give an illusion of elongated legs. You’ll find various boot colours and styles in Famous Footwear's wide selection of the best winter shoes, crafted and designed by beloved brand names like London Rebel and Naughty Monkey.

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