While the warmer incoming months have us reaching for shorter sleeves and skirts, it's also got us noticing those dry legs we've been avoiding or hopelessly slapping moisturiser on all Winter.

We've put together a few of our top tips to banish the dry skin and step out in smooth legs this Spring!

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Tip 1 - Dry Brush

Dry brushing removes dead skin cells and dramatically improves the appearance of your skin. It also promotes circulation and helps to absorb your moisturiser more effectively. Before you jump into the shower or bath, lightly use a dry brush in an upward motion on your skin. 

Tip 2 - Body Scrub

Regular exfoliation is what gives your skin a healthy glow. Try a coconut sugar scrub or coffee scrub when you shower to gently buff away aging skin cells, polish your skin and clean unclogged pores. 

Tip 3 - Moisturise Skin

Moisturise your legs daily after you shower when your skin is still moist to get the best absorption. Keeping up a moisturising routine will keep your skin healthy, glowing and youthful.

Tip 4 - Stay Hydrated

Remember mum's advice. Drink more water! If you're wanting your skin to really look soft, glowing and hydrated, drinking water will help to boost all that effort of moisturising and exfoliating. It adds to the healthy appearance of your skin, as well as all-round health and wellness! 

Give these 4 simple tips a try and banish away dry skin this season! 

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