Toe Sandals


Womens Toe Sandals

Rock a carefree look and enjoy the warm weather outside with a simple but elegant pair of toe sandals that’ll complement a simple but nonetheless stylish everyday look. You don’t need a lot to look fresh and fun during the summer season with every pair.

Let your feet breathe with stylish toe sandals

Nothing feels more comfortable and easy on our feet than the right toe sandals that'll cradle your foot nicely. They’re perfect for women who want to break free from wearing closed shoes.

Take a break from your thick weatherproof shoes. Whether you’re running errands or you just need to get out the door for a little bit of fun, you’ll never go wrong with these super-comfy pairs. Despite their simple design, they make a great fashion statement that will complement a lovely day and their versatility with many outfits makes them a practical must-buy item for your wardrobe.

The perfect pair doesn’t have to be just one

Fill your shoe collection with buckled, strappy, and slip-on style toe sandals for that easy and effortless look. Shop from Famous Footwear’s catalogue of toe sandals by Naughty Monkey and London Rebel.

With such a wide collection to choose from, why get only one when you can get every perfect pair that catches your eye. Fill up your entire summer wardrobe with beautiful pieces that will make you want to stay outside all day long.

Online shopping made even easier

Famous Footwear takes the convenience of shopping online even further. From a wide array of designs, we also offer different ways for you to shop and pay for new pairs. Choose from a variety of payment options and use your credit card, PayPal, or pay with AfterPay. You can also take advantage of free shipping for orders over $69 to anywhere in Australia. 

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