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Womens Embellished Sandals

When good weather comes around, there is no better way to complete your summer look than with a beautiful pair of embellished sandals. Our gorgeous selection of stylish, comfortable lines come from some of the biggest and best-loved names in sandal design.

There may be nothing more perfect for strolling down the beach or simply enjoying yourself outdoors. Want to welcome the summer in style? Choose Famous Footwear’s catalogue of contemporary sandals.

Fashionable and free-living

To really free your feet, there are few better choices than stylish embellished sandals. These comfortable, flat-soled shoes are perfect for walking across warm pavements and the sand dunes. You’ll likely find they blend perfectly with some of the more summery options already in your wardrobe!

What’s more, do keep a look out for our fantastic fashion label partners. Why not go free and flighty with Naughty Monkey’s Minty range? Or, for bohemian chic with a sunny character and disposition, be sure to choose a Friney shoe from the Pied A Terre catalogue.

Ultimately, we work hard to bring together some of the best-loved sandal lines across the country. If you’re stuck on which looks you feel are likely to work best for you, why not reach out to our team for advice?

Our embellished shoes are some of the most popular that we have available online. Why opt for an everyday sandal when an embellished shoe offers so much more? 

Shop online for embellished sandals

Famous Footwear offers a brilliant catalogue of shoes and sandals for all occasions. There are few options quite as freeing and quite as comfy.

Why not take us up on our free delivery for all orders over $69? Check out securely, and make sure to shop our full range of work and leisure shoes elsewhere in our catalogue, too.

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