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Womens Loafers

Loafer shoes or slip-ons are your quintessential casual shoes designed for daily wear. Just imagine a pair of shoes that you can easily wear for business and at the end of the day, lets you go straight to a bar or party with friends. No other shoes can give such amazing flexibility.

Loafers for style and all-day comfort

Whether you’re at the office or out to have coffee with your friends, these loafers will be there to provide comfort to your feet. These are also the pair to wear if you expect to be on your feet for the best part of the day. Imagine giving an hour-long presentation at work without feeling any discomfort at all.

We carry some great loafer shoe brands including Naughty Monkey, London Rebel Comfort, Pied A Terre, and Spoiled. We have their top, comfortable loafers at great prices so you can easily add them to your shoe collection. Wouldn’t you want your shoe cabinet to have a lovely line up of loafers with every design to suit your style or mood for the day?

But here’s the great part; you do not have to empty your wallet to buy our loafers. Our prices are affordable, ranging from as low as $29.99 up to $59.99. Not only that, we often have online sales with some of our shoes going as low as just $9.00.

Find the perfect pair today

Buy now from Australia’s favourite women’s shoe shop and get the best deals you can ever find online. Purchasing from our website is very easy and hassle-free, and we use the secure NAB Transact Payment Gateway for all online credit card transactions. PayPal is also available for your convenience. Also, take full advantage of free shipping across Australia on all orders over $69.

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